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The Keeping Up with Marathon Training blog is my "running diary" about marathon training.

The highlights:

  • It keeps you up to date with any new additions to the site that you might otherwise miss out on. (Like the new pace calculator!)
  • Gives little tips and tidbits on how to enhance your marathon training.
  • Keeps you up with the running world and whose making history!

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Keep Running!

Strength Training for Runners Workout: The 100 Rep Workout

This strength training for runners workout combines the 6 different exercises that you will cycle through to hit all the major muscle groups to make you a faster, stronger runner.

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3:59 or BUST 16 Week Marathon Training Plan

The 3:59 or BUST Marathon Training Plan is designed to get you to the marathon finish line in less than 4 hours! It's the next big step in your marathon journey!

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What to Eat Before a Marathon: 6 Pre Race Breakfasts!

Race morning is chaotic enough without without having to think about what to eat before a marathon! Here are 6 pre-race breakfasts you can have ready the night before!

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Running Recovery Snack: Protein Poppers!

Long runs and multiple weekly runs will call for proper running recovery snacks so that you will be refueled, repaired, and ready for the next run. Here's a delicious protein popper recipe!

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Your Marathon Training Diet - the 7 Staples

Your marathon training diet is something that should be thought out. Give your body the right foods and it will be able to carry you through your long training runs to the finish line.

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Running With a Jogger Stroller

Running with a jogger stroller can really change up your running. Here we look at the physiological differences, how to reduce jostling, and tips to make it easier.

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Knee Pain and Common Knee Injuries

Knee pain the number one pain that most runners experience. Here are some tips for treatment, diagnosis, and preventive measures.

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How to Run Faster!

Here is a step by step guide that will help you set the groundwork and show you how to run faster!

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Your Target Heart Rate- - How to Find It & Train by It

Knowing your target heart rate will enable you to run at appropriate intensity levels, something runners often ignore. Here's how to figure yours out.

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Gymboss Interval Training Timer

The Gymboss Interval Training Timer is one of those running gadgets that you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Here is information about the Gymboss, it's features and why runners love it!

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