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The Keeping Up with Marathon Training blog is my "running diary" about marathon training.

The highlights:

  • It keeps you up to date with any new additions to the site that you might otherwise miss out on. (Like the new pace calculator!)
  • Gives little tips and tidbits on how to enhance your marathon training.
  • Keeps you up with the running world and whose making history!

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Keep Running!

How to Run Faster!

Here is a step by step guide that will help you set the groundwork and show you how to run faster!

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Your Target Heart Rate- - How to Find It & Train by It

Knowing your target heart rate will enable you to run at appropriate intensity levels, something runners often ignore. Here's how to figure yours out.

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Gymboss Interval Training Timer

The Gymboss Interval Training Timer is one of those running gadgets that you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Here is information about the Gymboss, it's features and why runners love it!

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The Facts about GU-Gel

GU gel is an excellent source of energy during marathons and long training runs. Just know what effects it will cause on your body before you use it during a race.

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Energy Drinks for Runners - the best & worst

It can be hard navigating the realm of energy drinks however as a runner here are the simple guidelines for drinking only what will help you cross that finish line.

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Strength Training for Runners Beginner Program

A beginner strength training for runners program should be very sport specific. Just like this one!

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Running Injuries: 10 Reasons Why You have One

You may find it frustrating when you end up with running injuries but if you know why you have an injury you can come back a stronger runner. Here are 10 reasons why you have a running injury.

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Breathing Tips - How Runners Should Breathe for Comfort and Success

Learn about breathing tips and techniques to make your running more comfortable and how to breathe at different paces.

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Running Shoe Store

Shop our running shoe store to see our top feet-healthy picks! A lot has to do with comfort but also the science around the shoe!

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Best Minimalist Running Shoes List For Each Phase of Transitioning

This list of best minimalist running shoes features the top picks for each category of transitioning. The research has been done for you from budget friendly, to the most loved sandal.

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