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The Keeping Up with Marathon Training blog is my "running diary" about marathon training.

The highlights:

  • It keeps you up to date with any new additions to the site that you might otherwise miss out on. (Like the new pace calculator!)
  • Gives little tips and tidbits on how to enhance your marathon training.
  • Keeps you up with the running world and whose making history!

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Keep Running!

Half Marathon Training Program: 6 Weeks

This half marathon training program is designed to get you to the 13.1 mile finish line in 6 weeks.

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Running Books

Here are some highly recommended running books that any dedicated runner will be thrilled to read.

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A Simple Running Tip to Make your Runs feel Instantly Easier!

This is a super simple, easy, and noticeable running tip that will make your next run feel so much easier! You're not going to want to miss this quick tip!

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Week before Marathon: What you need to do

The week before marathon can be a stressful one as you wait. To reduce your stress, here is a list of things you need to focus on so you are prepared for your big day!

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Running Tips for Pacing - how to set a good pace for you long and short runs

These running tips for pacing will help you set a good pace during your long and short training runs which will make you a more successful and energized runner.

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A Summer Half Marathon Training Schedule!

Here is a 3 month half marathon training schedule which makes for a perfect goal to work towards during the summer months!

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Marathon Taper and Tapering for Any Race

Neglecting a marathon taper period is one of the most overlooked training mistakes runners make. Here is why, how and when you need to start tapering.

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Muscle Soreness

Muscle Soreness is extremely prevalent in endurance runners. Here we go into what soreness really is, causes, and the most effective treatments.

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Overtraining: It's Symptoms, Effects, and Solutions

Overtraining is a common training mistake among distance runners but the effects can be devastating to a career. Here's how to read the signs and start loving the sport again.

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Running Warm Up

Here's how and why you should include a running warm up before you start your run for the day.

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