The Best Top Running Podcasts For Your Next Run

Looking for running motivation, specific running information or simply some comedy to get you through those long runs? Well look no further!

Running podcasts are in abundance and no matter if you’re a veteran runner or this is your first marathon or half marathon, there’s sure to be a podcast out there to keep you on the run. 

Best Running Podcast

Below we’ll dive into the best podcasts for runners that include an eclectic range of topics on running and training - and even a few that don’t. 

(Most of these podcasts can be found on popular platforms such as Spotify, Apple, Buzzsprout, and Podbean to name a few.)

General Running Topics Podcasts

Best Running Podcast General Topics

1. The Marathon Training Academy

Coach Angie Spencer and husband Trevor Spencer are the hosts of this long running podcast that targets full marathons and half marathons.

From training tips to training plans to expert guest speakers that offer unique insight, you’ll be well covered in all areas of your running program.

2. The Morning Shakeout Podcast

Drawing from coaches, athletes and some of the biggest names in the running world, host Mario Fraioli keeps you abreast of the latest and greatest running trends, news, tips and tricks. 

Best Running Podcast The Morning ShakeoutImage Source:

3. Marathon Running Podcast

Letty and Ryan are another dynamic duo who talk all things running.

This is the right place to find interviews with industry leaders and just the general running community to cover nutrition, training, pacing, tapering, race recaps and basically anything having to do with the marathon. 

Best Running Podcast The Marathon Running PodcastImage Source:

4. Running Commentary

Run on the lighter side with comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering. The variety of topics covered are delivered while they’re actually running so you’ll feel as if you’re right there with them.

Inspirational and Motivational Podcasts

Best Running Podcast Inspirational

1. Ali on the Run Show

Want to hear from endurance athletes to gather insights into their running world?

Runner Ali Feller hosts this warm and engaging podcast where some of the biggest names in the running world are interviewed. Other runners of all categories are also included making up for many episodes of inspiration - perfect for that long run!

For a listing of her favorites start here.

2. I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein

Lindsey integrates running topics with everyday life happenings that keep things real. This mix of motivation, running talk and life stories encourage finding life balance while pursuing passions.

This is a great option for all levels of runners!

Best Running Podcast I'll Have AnotherImage Source:

Engaging and Comical Podcasts

1. Inside Running Podcast

Australian big time, impressive, elite runners Brady Threlfall, Julian Spence and Bradley Croker host this weekly podcast.

The below quote from Threlfall on sums this show up best: 

“The show, lasting an hour and a half (thereabouts) covers the trio’s training and event schedule, a segment of listener questions, reviewing of running gear and gadgets and interviews with elite and interesting people in the running world, as well as crowd favourite segment, “Moose on the Loose” where Spence gets worked up about all things irritating in the life of a runner including dogs off leashes and those runners who always turn up late for group runs.”

Best Running Podcast Inside Running PodcastImage Source:

2. The Running Channel Podcast

This U.K. trio will have you captivated with their dynamic interaction and maybe even their content!

Just kidding about the “maybe” part. There’s no doubt their subject matter will also keep you engaged and fulfilled. (That is if us Americans can get past that beautiful British accent.) 

Speaking of “us Americans”, if you’re like me, you’ll want to brush up on your metric to be able to fully grasp the distances they refer to.

Health and Nutrition Topics Podcasts

Best Running Podcast Health and Nutrition

1. Fuel for the Sole

Sports dietitian Meghann Featherstun provides nutrition and fueling content for runners at any stage. -A great podcast for learning and/or maintaining good nutrition habits. 

2. The Nail Your Nutrition Podcast

Nutrition experts Sarah Schlichter and Marita Radloff will fill you up with all things having to do with fueling and nutrition and sleep and overall health for runners and really, athletes of all kinds and all levels. Whew! -That was a lot of “ands”!

Check out their comprehensive summaries of their podcast episodes and then follow along with their show on Instagram.

Best Running Podcasts Nail Your NutritionImage Source:

3. The Run Smarter Podcast

This podcast focuses on preventing and overcoming running injuries.

Physiotherapist Brodie Sharpe helps you become a smarter runner with episodes that keep you heading to your running goals.

Each episode offers concise advice and tips to improve performance, prevent injuries and optimize training.

Running Podcasts for Women / Mom’s

Best Running Podcast Women Moms

1. Another Mother Runner

This podcast is perfect for moms aiming to balance running with motherhood. Hosts Sarah Bowen Shea, Dimity McDowell and rotating co-hosts bring in a variety of guests that have running subject matter all over the board.

Topics vary from motivation, training, nutrition, health issues, weight loss - you name it.

2. Women’s Running Podcast

Whether it’s running, health and fitness or anything in between, these two self described “average runners” discuss it all.

On the More Serious Side of Running Podcasts

1. The Running Explained Podcast

Host Elisabeth Scott dives deep into a plethora of subject matters in her quest to educate runners to be better runners.

Whether a beginner runner or advanced, you will come away with answers to all your running questions.

Best Running Podcasts The Running Explained PodcastImage

2. The Strength Running Podcast

Highly praised host Jason Fitzgerald uses his show to have conversations with professional runners on a variety of running topics.

He targets those wanting to make running goals and improve their game. (Isn’t that all of us?) Mental health and physical toughness are common themes as are talks about injury prevention and performance improvement. 

Jason has a whole assortment of subject matter so to get you started, try this strength training themed episode for those of you interested in a higher level of training. Lasting for just shy of 20 minutes, this particular episode would be a perfect listen for one of your shorter runs.

Best Running Podcast The Strength Running PodcastImage Source:

3. Doctors of Running Podcast

This group of physical therapists is all about the ins and outs of preventing (and recovering from) running injuries.

You can also find many episodes focusing on shoes. Yes, that’s right!

With the right shoes being essential to running success, many of their topics include great guidance on choosing appropriate running shoes. Having the shoe research done will appeal to not only advanced runners but even the average runner.

Great for Beginner Runners Podcasts

Best Running Podcast Beginners

1. Beginner Runner Village Podcast

Running coach Deb Voiles takes a different approach by offering practical advice and instruction that is applicable to most average runners.

Her goal is to help runners enjoy their runs and be successful.

Her years of experience, supplemented with her enthusiasm and a good outlook on life, make this podcast an enjoyable listen!

2. The Not Your Average Runner Podcast

With most of the episodes geared to the beginner aspiring runner, inspirational host Jill Angie started this podcast to help women embrace running- no matter their athletic ability.

Her encouraging subject matter will boost self-confidence with valuable insights for women at all levels.

This is a great resource for all wanna-be runners who might need a little extra push to get started or to keep going.

Start here with her very first episode to check out what she’s all about.

Best Running Podcast The Not Your Average Runner PodcastImage Source:

3. Marathon Training For Beginners

New to running hosts, Mo and Harrison Crum (The Crummy Marathoners), started this podcast to inspire other newbies to also hit the pavement.

They share their journey as new marathoners to help others along the way.

Also impressive to me is their website that lists the running podcasts by category making it easy to zero in on a podcast by subject matter. (Click on “Episodes” for the dropdown listing.)

To hear what they’re all about, start with this introduction podcast.

Shorter Duration Podcasts

Best Running Podcast Shorter Duration

1. 20-Minute Fitness Podcast

Averaging about 30 minutes, many of the topics covered include health and nutrition but you can also find various fitness related topics, including running.

The shorter duration pithy episodes are perfect for those shorter runs.

2. Running Lean Podcast

With a whole gamut of running topics, and the average episode length being under 30 minutes, you’ll be able to take Patrick McGilvrary’s insights on your next shorter run.

Besides the normal running commentary, Patrick covers some practical topics not normally seen (or, rather, heard)  such as:

Check them out!

Best Running Podcast Running Lean PodcastImage Source:

Great Single Episodes 

1. The Why and How of Creating A Runner’s Bucket List

In this podcast, Kari Gormley from The Running Lifestyle gets us thinking about reflecting on our important running goals and desires. Her guidance makes this process seamless while her insight helps in implementation. 

Best Running Podcasts The Why and HowImage Source:

2. We ask the World’s Best Runners YOUR Questions

Fun bantering among hosts Andy, Rick and Sarah from The Running Channel Podcast will keep you entertained as they chatter with two elite athletes to answer questions from the running community.

3. Common Running Terms

Runner’s World produced this entertaining episode about running jargon.

See how you stack up with these Runner’s World staffers as you hit the pavement on your next run - just don’t beat yourself up if you struggle (as some as these runners playing the game do).

And speaking of Runner’s World - although not currently producing in the US, they do a great job offering a wide scope of podcasts that include topics for everyday runners that you can find here. Or- peruse current new episodes by listening to Runner’s World UK

Best Running Podcasts Common Running TermsImage Source:

4. 3 Strategies to Manage the Mental Side of Running

To improve mental focus, Don Freeman and Scott Warr of Trail Runner Nation podcast interviewed Olympic medalist, coach and author of “With Winning in Mind”, Lanny Bassham.

His mental management system is deemed to be a powerful, motivational comprehensive process that could very well be applied to all aspects of life. 

5. The Amazing Meb Keflezighi

Want a double dose of inspiration?

This motivational podcast produced by The Boston Marathon Podcast is a fascinating story about Meb’s struggles and challenges and then ends up as one of America’s greatest distance runners of all time.

Best Running Podcast The Boston Marathon PodcastImage Source:

Worthwhile Podcasts that have Nothing (Or Very Little) to do with Running

Who says you have to stick solely with running podcasts? If you’re looking for a variety of other podcasts, check these out.

1. Feel Better, Live More

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this one is pretty much about health.

With such a wide myriad of topics, there’s sure to be an episode for everyone.

Dr. Chatterjee’s mission is to help people reach their optimal health through simple implementation to enhance navigation through life.

Best Running Podcasts Feel Better Live MoreImage Source:

2. Rich Roll Podcast

Want thought provoking subject matter?

Look no further than the Rich Roll podcast.

Rich formerly struggled with drugs and alcohol and within two years turned into an ultra-endurance athlete.

Episodes aren’t exclusively geared to running. There’s topics from dealing with loneliness to dealing with tragedy to business leadership to you name it…

His podcast is meant to empower you to live your best life by being your most authentic self.

3. The Mom Hour

Moms out there can relate to and even learn from these two highly talented hosts - Meagan and Sarah.

Finding an episode that suits you will be no problem with anything and everything (well, almost everything) covered. Chores, hair, kitchen gadgets, routines, teenagers, field trips… Convinced?

Check out their archives here. 

Best Running Podcast The Mom HourImage Source:

So there you have it!

Any of the above will be great company for future runs.

The wealth of knowledge, inspiration, motivation and unique insight offered in these top running podcasts will make your next run even more enjoyable -no matter the level you’re at. 

So lace up those shoes, grab your earphones, tune in and get running!

Want running book + movie recs?

If you are looking for running book and movie recommendations then here is a list of some of my favorites:

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