Marathon Gifts

Finding marathon gifts for the runner can be hard if you don’t know what to look for or buy BUT if you do it is a piece of cake as all runners need certain “running necessities” to make them into the runner that they want to be.

Of course it does depend on personal tastes but essentially runners are a predictable pack that will love a few nice running gifts whether it is gear or a pampering luxury item. It is so easy to spoil your runner!

What makes a great running gift is something that makes your runner excited and eager to go out on their next run. It needs to be something that will motivate them. Also, runners love telling everyone that they are a runner. Have you ever heard the joke:

Q: "How do you know if someone is a runner?" 

A: "Don't worry, they will tell you." 

It is so true! So some of these gifts are running essentials and gear but some are also gifts that tell everyone that they love to run like the beautiful ornaments listed here or the gold colored marathon key chain. Really you can't go wrong.

Need Some Ideas for Running Gifts?

Most of these gifts are around the $25 dollar mark. However some are more or less depending on what your budget is. 

Foam Roller

Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager

Runner's World Training Journal

Handheld Water Bottle

26.2 Keychain

Compression Calf Sleeves

Half-Marathon Runner Girl Charm Necklace

Garmin Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator

Runners Race Bib Frame

BibFOLIO Chalkboard Race Bib Display

Keep Calm and Run On Ornament

Marathon Ornament

Running Shoe Glass Ornament

Marathon Math Miles Coffee Mug

"I'd Rather Be Running" Steel License Plate Frame

"Always Earned" Race Medal Display

Marathon Runner Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

Running Buddy Pouch

Runner's World Magazine Subscription

Jogger Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone

Stocking Stuffers for Runners

Organic 74% Dark Chocolate

Burt's Bees Lip Balm

Premium Green Tea

Gatorade Energy Chews

Bodyglide Anti-Chafe Balm

Nuun Active Hydration

Marathon Car Magnet

Running and Marathon Gifts for Men and for Women

I have compiled some of my favorite running gifts for male and female runners that I hope is helpful. As a female runner there are so many different accessories that I love owning and would love to own. They make me feel confident while each having their own practical job when I go out on a run (or after a run). Check out some of my favorite gifts for women here!

All men love their  gadgets and gizmos and comfortable clothing options that the running sport offers. Check out some cool gifts for men here!

Remember: personalize! Runners love stuff that enhances the belief in themselves and makes them excited to get out the door on a run. You will be their (or your) favorite person!

For more great ideas visit this site.

Marathon Gifts for Men

Marathon Gifts for Women

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