Marathon Gifts: The Best Ideas of Gifts for Runners in 2024


Finding the perfect gift for marathon runners can be hard if you don’t know what to look for or buy BUT, if you do, it is a piece of cake as all runners need certain “running necessities” to make them into the runner that they want to be.

Of course it does depend on personal tastes but essentially runners are a predictable pack that will love a few nice running gifts whether it is gear or a pampering luxury item.

It is so easy to spoil your runner and find those best running gifts!

And with this handy-dandy gift guide, your job is even easier!

What makes a great running gift is something that makes your runner excited and eager to go out on their next run. 

It needs to be something that will motivate them.

Something that gets their heart rate up just thinking about running.


Also, runners love telling everyone that they are a runner.

Have you ever heard the joke:

Q: "How do you know if someone is a runner?" 

A: "Don't worry, they will tell you." 

It is so true!

So some of these gifts are running essentials and gear for those long runs but some are also gifts that tell everyone that they love to run like the beautiful ornaments listed here or the gold colored marathon key chain.

So whether you're shopping for marathon runners, half marathon runners, beginner runners, runners who are family members, your favorite runner, or even the casual jogger… -You really can't go wrong. 


Actually...most of these gifts are around the $25 dollar mark. However some are more or less depending on what your budget is. 

All but the last two are under $50! (And most come with free shipping! -And some even with free returns. Yay!) 

There's some great options that any type of runner would love! 


Without further ado…

Personalized Running Gifts: 

Runners love stuff that enhances the belief in themselves and makes them excited to get out the door on a run.

You will be their most cherished person!

Just one word of (obvious) advice: Purchasing personalized items sooner rather than later ensures arrival before your special event.

Another great option and unique gift for that dedicated runner is this personalized running medal and race bib holder

And for those hat lovers - check out this hat that can be personalized.

Best Running Gear

Handheld Water Bottle - Hand cramps will be a thing of the past while your runner stays hydrated with this ergonomic bottle.

The Original Flipbelt - (I can't run without it!) This running belt is fabulous for those longer runs. (Shorter runs too!)

What runner wouldn’t appreciate these best running socks? (You can’t have too many pairs of socks, you know.)

Female runners will love this fleece ponytail hat that includes adjustable ear warmer thingies. It’s a great option for when transitioning into the colder weather.

These bluetooth earbuds that are under $25 and so easy to keep track of! They will keep you running in tune. - I have 2 of these now and love them! 

Those on a long training run (Marathon runners and half marathon runners, I’m talking to you!) will love this hydration pack.

For those running in the bitter cold winter months, keep cold weather at bay with a great facial covering. (See this guide + recommendations on the best running mask for cold weather!) Pretty much one size fits all so finding the perfect fit won’t be an issue! Win - win!

Fuel for any type of runner:

Running long distances mean some sort of supplemental nutrition will be needed to replace those lost nutrients and provide necessary energy.

The following are thoughtful gifts any runner will appreciate - especially it can be a bit expensive to always stay stocked with the appropriate amounts of fuel! 

A good run is pretty much ensured! 

Energy drinks - This Gatorade powder will get you started but if guidance is needed for other drink options, this Energy Drinks article will help.

(Want to know more about which gels or chews might be best for that avid runner? Read this guide on the best energy chews for distance runners for all you need to know.)

Great Options For the Self-Care Runner - And Really for All Active Lifestyles:

Massage Roller Stick for sore muscles. Or, to really target those sore areas, massage guns make for a great gift. Beginner runners especially will be singing your praises everytime they use this nifty tool!

FlexStrap Stretching Band - Helps with flexibility and recovery while preventing injury.

Compression Calf Sleeves - Great way to protect and provide relief for shin splints, varicose veins and calf soreness. (Oh my!)

These shower steamers will soothe and wash away all of that running fatigue making you ready to go again. Choose from an assortment of scents or get the collector’s box to try them all.

For the fashionista

26.2 Keychain - This keychain will serve as a great reminder of that successful marathon.

Runner Charm Necklace - Both male and female runners will like this expression of their love for running.

Running Apparel for the Dedicated Runner:

This super cute running skirt that has pockets for your phone and keys! I have 3 of these that I love - especially with the shorts underneath that provide great coverage!

Tank Tops are also a great option as body type does not matter! Great on their own or for when you need that extra layer. The female runner can check these out.

A Cute Couples gift idea

If you know a couple who both love the marathon, I think another cute gift idea would be matching shirts like these ones in my marathon apparel shop! 

(Psst… They also are available for mom’s and dad’s. -And all styles include a long sleeve version and a sweatshirt version and come in other colors.)

For the Reader Who Runs. (List Includes a Day Calendar):

Runner's World Magazine Subscription - A gift that continues the whole year through.

This runner’s day calendar provides motivating quotes and includes an area for tracking your results.

Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir on Thinking My Way to Victory by Deena Kastor. This inspiring read demonstrates the benefits of positive thinking.

26 Marathons: What I learned about faith, identity, running, and life from my marathon career by Meb Keflezighi. Another inspiring story with much sound advice.

Runner's World Training Journal - Maintaining a personal record keeps you in tune with your goals and keeps you motivated.

Audible Membership (or pay for a couple of months) Here’s a gift that can be enjoyed while running - or not.

For the Runner Who Travels:

States I’ve Run in Mug - A fun way to visibly track the locations run.

These running shoe lights are perfect if you know someone who runs when it's dark - Your dearest runner will be noticeable on those dark early morning or evening runs. Easy to pack to have no matter what the location.

Carry your extras in this running tote bag.

For the mom and/or dad who runs

Gift idea #1: More time… just kidding (not) - but I’m sure babysitting services would not be turned down for a chance to run! ;)

Take this stroller hook and attach this rugged power bank and never run out of phone juice.

Take this stroller hook and attach this rugged power bank and never run out of phone juice.

Me in the MarathonMomSweatershit

(*Hint: I absolutely love my marathon mom sweatshirt! I'm wearing a size Medium!)

(Don’t forget about the long sleeve tee versions and other colors. Here’s that link again for my store: Marathon Training Store!)

Deck out that baby in the stroller with this relevant onesie (Mommy version)

Inspirational Running Themed Mugs, Glasses and Tumblers: 

Mugs are a great gift idea as they really have more uses than just filling with coffee. (Gasp! Imagine that!) Think planter, loose coin jar, candle holder, soup bowl, pencil/pen organizer, bathroom organizer… And, of course, one with a running message is even better! You're sure to find one that transmits your message with all of these varieties.

-And that runner who just can’t quit talking, sleeping, dreaming - you name it - anything about running - will be happy with this one.

Half marathon runners who love a glass of wine (although not at the same time, of course) will love this comic wine glass

Here’s the Stainless Steel Insulated Wine Tumbler variety. Lots to choose from!

Water Bottles: A picture is worth a thousand words as proven on this stainless steel water bottle. The beautiful mountain scene says it all.

With the “26.2” engraving, this Coffee Tumbler is very fitting for marathon runners.

Unique gifts for runners


Half Marathon and Marathon runners will (undoubtedly) love one of my marathon training plans or half marathon training plans. (There are both free and paid versions.)


Or this mindset training plan that will really help the apprehensive marathoner deal with those daunting doubts.

Any upcoming runs you could sign your devoted runner up for?

Check with your running community (or Google it!) to see if there are any upcoming runs that you can enter for your runner. This could be a little trickier as you’d have to know if the day and time would work. (Or you could even give them a DIY gift certificate for a future race.) 

Convey your love for running with this  "I'd Rather Be Running" Chrome License Plate Frame.

A frame to display their race bib with this Runners Race Bib Frame will surely delight. How cool is this? 

Unarguably, this next item definitely fits in this unique category.  It’s pasta - shaped as runners and shoes. (Yep, you read that right. It’s pasta - some in the shape of runners - and some in the shape of shoes.)

Perfect gift for the night before a race, don’t you think?

Shopping for a Future Baby Runner?

What baby isn’t born to run? Running parents will be cooing over these onesies: 

And this one. (Can’t have too many onesies, you know!)

 And, this one. 

For the aspiring baby marathon runner this baby bodysuit says it all.

The messages on these bibs will delight any running parent. (Not sure how the baby will feel.)

For the Runner Who Wants It All or has it all

  • A gift card is a great way to let them choose while showing you care. No disappointment here.

Shopping for christmas?

Christmas ornaments for runners

Every Christmas, when it’s time to decorate the tree, your thoughtful gift will be remembered. -Jolly times for sure!

Stocking Stuffers for Runners

And Last But Not Least

Pricier Gifts that make for the perfect gift! That favorite runner will have you as their favorite forever!

What has been your favorite marathon gift to give or receive? 

And if you are looking for even more gift ideas Lisa over at the Mile by Mile blog has a great list of 50 holiday fitness gift ideas for runners!

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