Marathon Training Plans List for beginners & intermediate runners!

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I thought I would put all the marathon training plans that I currently offer on the All About Marathon Training Site in one place for your convenience. 

If you are looking for something specific that you don't see here, you can always reach out to me in the Contact Me form in the top right hand side of the navigation bar. 

Alright! Here are the training plans, starting with beginners (+ first time marathoners), intermediate runners & runners who are striving for a time goal! 

beginner marathon training plans

My philosophy in regards to marathon training is to keep it simple and focus on your running!

Most of these training plans only require 4 days of running as I have seen this to be extremely effective for runners especially beginner marathon runners. 

Let's start with all of the Beginner Marathon Training Plans: 

First time marathon runners 20 Week Training Program

If you are looking for a training plan to run your very first marathon, I created an awesome complete marathon training program just for you! 

The Run Your First Marathon Program takes you from marathon newbie all the way to the finish line in only 20 Weeks time. 

The Run Your First Marathon Program + 20 Week Training Schedule

Intermediate marathon Training Plans

These intermediate training plans are perfect for those who have already run a marathon or two or even a couple of half marathons. 

They include hill workouts and speed training workouts to help you become a stronger, faster runner. 

I have 2 intermediate marathon training schedules for you:

time goal training plans

Most of them are divided into a 2 week base training block, a 4 week strength training block and an 8 week speed training block to help you hone in on your chosen marathon finish time! 

I currently offer 7 Finishing Time Goal Marathon Training Plans:

What else do you need to run a marathon?

When training for a marathon, I like to recommend to runners to focus on the 3 most important things:

  • Your marathon training plan - so many great ones to choose from above!
  • Your marathon nutrition - I have lots of content on this as well but the most complete resource and one that will allow you to develop your own personalized nutrition plan that will help run your best race is the Eat Like a Marathoner Nutrition Course
  • Your mindset! - Keeping a positive mindset and training your brain to be able to take you the entire marathon distance without revolting is a huge key in whether or not you will have a successful marathon race. The 20 Week Mindset Training Plan for Marathoners will get your brain to work for you instead of against you!

Did you find what you are looking for?

I hope that one of the marathon training plan options proves to be the perfect fit for you in your marathon journey! 

So many runners from all around the world have used and loved these training plans! I would love to hear from you if you train for a marathon with one of these training plans! 

Thank you so much for being here! 

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