Gifts for Runners: A Quick Gift Guide

So I'm calling this post is all about gifts for runners (other runners...) but…it could also stand to be called my Christmas Wish List. (*wink)

Runners are pretty easy folks to shop for although it can be hard to compete with that endorphin rush that is gifted to us during each run. (Am I right?)

One of the biggest pain points for runners is the drive to actually go out there and run - finding the time and desire.

We love it, we know how good it makes us feel, we know all of the positive effects that comes from running but sometimes no matter how much we love it we still don't want to go out there and run because there is a million and one other things demanding our attention.

So that's the secret to finding all the perfect gifts for runners.

Find something that reduces that friction and gives them that drive and excitement to get their run in and put the rest on hold.

Because we runners know that that endorphin rush is the key to our happy sanity. :) 

Here are 9 quick, easy, and fun ideas gifts for runners! 

1. A FlipBelt - this handy little belt is a game changer for runners. You can fit your phone, money, keys, etc. There is absolutely no bounce to it, (huge deal for a runner!) you can wash it in your washing machine, and in my opinion it is a way better option than any of those other arm bands or waist clips that you attach your phone and earbuds to because of the zero bounce, comfortable wear, and washable features! If your runner does not have one of these, trust me they have either thought about finding something just like this or have not gotten around to buying it but it is worth every penny!

2. Fit Bit Blaze - a new running watch is something that makes such a nice gift! But there are so many different options! A new favorite of mine though is the Fit Bit Blaze that my husband has. It is a huge motivator to get out and run. They pace your runs mile by mile, track all of your stats like weight loss, sleep, steps, and tell you when you have been sitting too long and need to get up and MOVE. For someone who is health conscious it is an amazing little tool. This was my gift to my husband for his birthday and he loves. It. And I should add, lost 35 pounds since using it (round of applause for him because we all know that losing weight is no joke and he crushed it!).

3. Compression socks - if your runner is a marathon runner, then compression socks are a must. (You can read all about why you should be wearing compression socks here!) The recovery and therapeutic advantages of wearing compression socks are difficult to ignore. The fun thing about compression socks is that they come in "distinguished" colors like black, white, and grey but they also come in some other pretty crazy patterns. Lots of fun choices!

4. Bluetooth headphones - anyone running without blue-tooth headphones…well…hat's off to you, you must be a very patient person. One of my greatest pet peeves about running is when the wind is blowing on you like a hurricane, you are wearing traditional earbuds and the wind will. Not. Let. Them. Stay. In. Half the problem is because of the long string that runs from your ears to your media device. Treat your runner to the only way to run: cordless, wireless, blue tooth headphones. These ones have the best reviews and I'm gifting them to a runner I know! :)

5. Runners World Subscription - Oh Runner's World, you are partly to blame for getting me started with running all of these crazy marathons. Seriously though, their magazine is such a fun treat to get in the mail. It consistently delivers great training advice, inspiring stories, fun articles, and a huge dosage of motivation every time it shows up in the mailbox. A year's subscription to Runner's World is one of those gifts for runners that keeps on giving, every month!

6. Neck Cooling Wrap - if you live in a climate that has hot summers then here is another game changer! This neck cooling wrap was introduced to me by my dad who used to be a (10 time) marathon runner but is now a long distance biker (Bike Across Kansas anyone?). They are oh so simple to use. Just wet it before your run, place it around your neck and you will be provided with hours (literally) of coolness. They reduce the risk of heat stroke and truly help to keep your body temperature down when running in the heat! Your runner will never, ever want to leave the house in the summer heat without it once they know the difference!

7. A Running Log -  A A new running log (especially at the start of a new year) is always a welcomed gift for a runner. (You can read all about why you should be using one and what you should keep in it here.) This Lauren Fleshman running log is on my wish list. There are so many 5-star rave reviews and I want in on it! She has this Believe journal out for inspiring and motivating and also this Compete journal for the more competitive runner.

8. For the wine lover + running enthusiast in your life: I couldn't resist showing you this 5k/10k/Half Marathon/Marathon Wine glass in this gifts for runners guide. A little bit humorous but very functional too! You could also gift it with a bottle of their favorite (or your favorite) wine.

9. And #9 on the Gifts for Runners list…find a picture of them at their last race finish line and turn it into a mouse pad, frame it, put it on a mug, customize it on a Christmas ornament, etc. Personalizing a gift is always such a nice touch and the extra effort (and usually not extra pricey) is always appreciated!

I hope this little gifts for runners guide helps with your Christmas/other gift shopping a little or at least spurs some other great ideas for your runner!

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