Gymboss Interval Training Timer

A critical component in making a time goal is interval training or speed training.

Without increasing your intensity a couple of times a week, pushing the boundaries, making it uncomfortable and feeling exhausted at the end of your workout you will not become faster.

It's that simple.

What's also simple is how to make your speed training easier.

I think we can all agree that it is taxing and intense and who wants to do interval training longer than necessary?

I don't know about you but when I am running an interval I want to go out there be strong, be accurate in my times and Be. Done.

Not that I don't enjoy interval running. Once I'm in my running outfit and at the track I feel excited to do my interval training and cross it off my training for the week. But…I'm always looking for ways to make it easier both physically (ok, it's not supposed to be) but also mentally.

The Gymboss Classic Interval Timer does both of these. I absolutely love it!

Let me tell you all that it can do!

Gymboss is an interval timer with a stopwatch function.

With this timer you can set two alarms:

  • One that will let you time your interval and then beep at you (or vibrate whatever you prefer) to signal that you're done.  So say you want to run 2 minutes fast then you would set the interval for 2 minutes and when done it will beep at you  to stop.
  • You can set the alarm to beep for 1, 5 or 10 seconds. After it beeps the timer will count down to the time that you decide you want to rest. At the end of this it will signal at you again to ramp up your workout and set out on another interval until you hear the wonderful beep again.

You Can Also Use it To Enhance Your Strength Routine

Another great way to use a Gymboss is during your strength training sessions.

You can set how many reps and sets you would like to complete and let it beep at you to keep you on track and notify you without you having to even check! 

It's great for a wide variety of workouts from kettlebell to HITT to Tabata to all of your speed training!

Jeff Gives His Approval

Jeff Galloway, Marathon Olympian, likes to use the Gymboss even during long runs, half and full marathons.

If you are wanting to run/walk a marathon this is also great for setting your intervals of walking and running.

By the way this form of marathon training is less stressful on your body and will therefore reduce your risk of injury, shin splints, etc. but don't look to meet a time goal with this method.

Evening running with a time goal, the Gymboss will keep you on pace and focusing on your race.

Why do I love the Gymboss Interval Training Timer?

1. First of all I'm not distracted from my interval workout.

Speed workouts do take concentration. You want to pace yourself (at a fast pace), be aware of your form, foot strike, arm stride, and best of all when you get to slow the pace down.

I find that without Gymboss signaling me I am constantly trying to check my watch to see how much longer I have to go.

It is more efficient for me to leave it to Gymboss and focus on the important things, things that if taken care of will reduce my risk of injury from the rigors of speedwork.

2. Secondly it's accurate.

No more guessing when you're done. It's also more likely that you wont skimp on your workout. You will have this unconscious pull to keep going until you here the beep.

That brings me to MY favorite reason of why I love Gymboss Interval Training Timer.

3. It motivates you!

It pushes you to keep going with an end goal in sight. You will feel bound to your interval timer. You will want to do what it says because it's accurate, precise and so not distracting.

It actually does bring you to another level of training making you excited to speed train since you will be setting your own workout beforehand there will be no guess work and you will be less likely to let your mind talk you out of that last interval.

Why? Because Gymboss will tell you when you're done.

So with that being said I have found that my $20 spent on the Gymboss Interval Training Timer has been well worth it and earned its value many times over.

Oh, one more reason. You can use it for so much more than just running intervals! Strength training reps, resistance training intervals and other day life tasks.

I love the Gymboss Classic Interval Timer and I know you will too!

Gymboss Timers

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