Start Running with these 7 Running Tips to Simplify your Running Schedule

One of the biggest complaints or frustrations from those who want to start running is that they have no time to run.

They want to run, they might get an occasional run in a couple of times out of the month but they find it hard to actually get into and keep up a running routine.

Start Running

With only so many hours in a day, believe me I know how hard it is to even make time for the things we love!

However if running is something you really want to do and get into a routine with you have to put some thought and planning into. It won’t just happen. Unfortunately.

The number one thing you need to remember…the one thing critical to your success is to….

Keep it simple. 

If you make going out for a run something that is complicated or takes a lot of thought then it will be less likely to happen.

You do need to plan but you also don’t want to over plan and overthink it. The more that you can simplify the process the more likely you will be to actually go out there and start running! (a couple of times a week!)

Here are 7 Tips to Help you Start Running

These Tips will help simplify your running schedule to make it a habitual part of your life!

Only keep 1-2 running outfits.

In order to start running you really do not need multiple sets of clothes - shirts, shorts, socks, and all the other athletic wear options out there. 

Start off simply.

Having 2 outfits at the most allows you to have one in the wash and one on your back. 

Start Running Outfits

At the most have 2 pairs of running shoes.

Maybe a pair for smoother surfaces (see my top recommendations on the best running shoes here) and a pair for rough terrain such as trails. But that’s it.

This is going to eliminate deciding what you should wear.

Yes, you may have to do laundry but a little fresh air and sunshine also make for great disinfectants. *wink

Start Running Shoes

Keep a running stockpile.

Get a basket or a tub and throw everything that you need for running in it.

It might include:

  • your shirt, 
  • bottoms, 
  • jacket, 
  • socks, 
  • shoes, 
  • body glide, 
  • watch, 
  • band-aids, 
  • sunscreen, 
  • compression socks
  • head bands, 
  • iPod, 
  • ear phones, etc.

Keep a running stockpile in your car.

This might just include a second set of everything that you keep in your running basket in your closet.

However keeping a set in the car will afford you the leisure to stop and run anytime and anyplace where the mood might strike.

It also just gives you that sense of freedom and can hold you too your running schedule since you will always have a set of clothes with you.

Don't try to get into a running routine by building miles. Go off of time.

It will just take more time in the beginning to figure out which running routes include 2, 3, or 4 miles. Instead, focus on building from 10 to 20, to 30 minutes. 

And yes, just 10 minutes of running a day is going to make a difference and is a great starting point!

Check out this Run/Walk Plan that will help you go from walker to being able to run 30 minutes continuously!

Start running at the same time of day each time.

Start Running Quick Tip

This is going to get your circadian rhythm or internal clock used to exercising at a set point each day.

Eventually (yes, with time!) it will come to expect it when that time of day (or night) comes around. That means you are more likely to do it. You may have to play around with what times work best for you but after 2 or 3 weeks try to stick with one certain time that is just for running.

Here are some tips for waking up early to run.

Think about what will hold you accountable.

What will most likely help you to stick to a running routine?

Do other people hold you more accountable or is it your own expectations that are more likely to help you succeed? 

Is it finding a running group or a running buddy?

Or maybe just keeping a running log?

Signing up for a 5K or 10K race?

Choosing a reward?

Whatever it is, make sure that it is strong enough to make you keep up your routine.  

Challenge yourself with our 6 Week Half Marathon Challenge that will help to hold you accountable by giving you challenges and that half marathon goal to work towards!  

Short Training Plans to Jump Start Running:

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