The mindset training plan for marathoners



The Mindset Training Plan for Marathoners! 

The Digital Running Log for Marathoners

Digital Running Log Square Mockup


Digital Running Log for Marathoners


These 16 Week Training Plans are a pdf download that includes:

  • your complete 16 Week training schedule (4 to 5 running days each week with 2 rest days) 
  • training blocks divided into: a 2 week block of base building, 4 week block of strength building, 8 week block of speed training, 2 week prep and taper 
  • all of the workouts you will need to run (strides, hill sprints, hill repeats, intervals, tempo runs, progressive long runs, goal pace long runs, etc.) + explanations on how to do each workout and why 
  • a goals assessment to help you stay motivated + on target 
  • A breakdown of training paces that you need to run + train at in order to achieve the time goal that you are training for 
  • tips on pacing yourself for your time goal 
  • tips on how to modify each training plan

32 Week Marathon Training Plan Printables Package

I created a 32 Week Marathon Training Printables Package  specifically for the 32 Week  marathon training plan!

You will enjoy it if you like to see visible progress towards your goals and enjoy tracking your runs, mileage and even when you are on point with your nutrition! 

It is a 12-page pdf download that contains:

  • A beautiful layout of the 32 week marathon training plan 
  • Daily Training Completion Tracker
  • Daily Nutrition Tracker
  • Monthly Meal Tracker
  • Menu Planning Sheet
  • 32 Week Log Entries/Journal
  • Post- Marathon Reflection Space

Get the 32 Week Marathon Training Printables Package here! 

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Marathon apparel for the marathon runner

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A few of my favorite running Things that i use and love!

My 3 most used running tools that i bring on runs:

gear that I use when running in the dark:

Favorite items to boost recovery & performance

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