The Best Funny Spectator Signs for Marathon Race Day

As I’m sure all of you marathon runners will agree: The sign-lined race route does wonders for creating a fun marathon experience.

No doubt about that!


The marathon distance itself is no laughing matter but can become so with those wonderful spectators cheering and encouraging us on to the finish line - especially while holding a funny sign.

Do we need a distraction? Yes, please! 

Do signs help break up the monotony of pounding the pavement for 13.1 or 26.2 miles? Absolutely!

So spectators, how to make the best spectator sign?

Well, the best signs are those that most runners can relate to for various reasons and that make race day a fun, wonderful event.

Funny race signs inspire, motivate, encourage and show support whether to a family member or even the random stranger.

To help you out, read (and laugh) on for some of the best funny marathon signs that you can create and display the next time you can make it to the race route. 

Speaking from experience, your sign will be appreciated and even impactful for those running their first marathon or those who have been there a time or two.

Best Signs for Marathon Runners

1. Motivated by a free banana?


2. Who needs (or wants) those black toenails anyways?


3. A favorite in the “best spectator sign” category.

I got a good laugh out of this one:


4. Thankfully (for him) this is only just a funny spectator sign.


5. Best Description of the Race Route

I think this cartoon deserves to be made into a sign. I mean, you gotta agree, it expresses the race route so accurately!

funnysignsformarathonrunnersraceroute (In the Bleachers 2015 Steve Moore.)

6. Awkward…

😳Uhmmm… Yes, even awkward signs are allowed.

Afterall, if this funny sign doesn’t give that boost of energy, then nothing will. (That lady in the background is also just as funny. She sure is checking things out!)


7. No harm in trying to relate to Humpty Dumpty!

(Although your therapist might not agree.)


8. As with most things in life, you don’t want to be too precise.


9. Not sure that this lady can claim to be a supportive friend or family member.


10. Gotta have one with a Chuck Norris jab.


11. Half marathoners, especially the budget conscious ones, have to smile at this one. (-Or maybe not!)


12. Hey you Boston Marathon spectators, here’s one for you

- Be prepared with this sign poking fun at the T. (Boston’s public transit system.)


13. -And if you’re at one of Disney’s half or full marathons, the following two funny runDisney race signs will have you covered.


You didn't think I'd leave out a picture of Yoda did you?


Patrick McDermott//Getty Images

14. Social Media Motivation

It’s a lot of work to be a marathon runner but being able to post on social media sure sweetens the deal.


15. To these kids, this is the worst parade ever!

We have to admit a marathon probably can’t compete with even a bad parade.

(-And what mom wouldn’t be in smiles at that sign that cute little guy is holding?)


16. Gotta give a big round of applause for this one because, truthfully, I can so relate.

My wonderful family might be a little guilty of this a time or two. (Shh! They don’t know that I know.)


-And here’s more ideas you can use to whip up a sign:

“Stuck between a walk and a hard pace.”

“Due to inflation, the half marathon is now 14.7 miles.”

“Your Garmin is judging you right now.”

“If you pass out, I’ll pause your watch!”

“You’re not almost there!”

“You could have chosen chess.”

“Turn around! It’s a trap!”

“The end is near.”

“Running is a mental sport, and you are all insane.”

“This is a very motivating, supportive sign.”

“I’m looking at your future profile picture!”

“You’re not slow; you’re getting your money’s worth.”

“Marathon. A 10k with a 20-mile warmup.”

“I’m sure it seemed like a good idea 4 months ago.”

“The Kenyans are already done.”

“Second Guessing your New Year’s resolution?”

Making Your Marathon Sign

Grab your markers, your foam or poster board and have at it! 

Marathon runners are going to only be able to have a quick glance at your sign so large, concise letters are best. 


So spectators (-or maybe rather: “You whole lot of crazy people”),

For this year’s marathon, be the supportive friend, random stranger or awkward sign-holder and give those marathon runners a much needed second energy burst.

Who knows, your sign just might make a big difference in a runner’s marathon experience.

If you need more laughs, check out this page on funny running memes and jokes! 

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