The Best Funny Running Memes, Quotes, & Jokes

Funny Running Memes, Quotes, Jokes

A conglomeration of funny running things is sometimes just what a runner needs!

It's so much easier to find things hilarious when we can empathize with each other and bond over shared experiences!

Most of these things are things only a runner would understand. When you know, you know...

As for the marathoners, I have a "Just for marathoners" section because, well there's a whole other level of inside jokes that only they would be able to shake their heads at and laugh! 

On this page you will therefore find:

  • Funny running memes
  • running jokes
  • funny running quotes

Ready for some fun?!

Funny Running Memes

1. How do you recognize a runner? 

When they aren't even running...

Those odd tan lines will always give it away!

2. Who should you invite running?

You know who to invite running and who not to!

Unless you don't mind getting "the look"!

3. What do female runners actually do?

This about sums it up!

Especially the "What I think I do". 

It's all in the visualization exercises!

4. When do you cancel a run?

This is a serious question. 

When do you, personally, cancel a run?

As a highschool runner, my mom was always very concerned about me running in inclement weather. 

Lucky for me I had a dad who ran 10 marathons and would literally drive a car along my route in case thunder was heard. Not sure if that was for my sake or my mom's sake. ;)

5. It's a proven scientific fact that your run faster around other people.

6. Can't stop. Won't stop.

What else is there to even discuss?

Please, enlighten me!

7. Every Runner to their beginning running friends.

That's all. No worries. NBD. 

8. Just to give you a heads up...

I'm going to make it easy for you to remember.

9. The truth. The end.

10. I see a trend here...Running watches have such power over us! 

Beware! Lions, and tigers, and running watches, oh my!

11. Have you ever been over-zealous on your runs?

12. I pretty much make the exact same face too...

13. But I'm Fine. Really.

14. do you fit the description?

Funny Running JOkes

15. How much do you pay?!

My dad always has a mini heart attack when I tell him how much a race costs. 

He ran in the days when you could sign up for a marathon for $10! 

Ten bucks hardly covers the cost of the tax on the marathons in these days! 

16. Sometimes we just need a little push.

17. Sounds Like an Awesome Plan to me!

18. But Why?

Just for marathoners

19. You know it! 

I've given my mom lots of anxiety that I would miss the start of a race because I suddenly HAD to go to the bathroom right beforehand. 

I always talked myself out of it looking at the line.

No thanks. 

Mind over matter.

20. It's been around for a while.

Do you have one? Or do you need one? 

21. I have no doubts and I am not ashamed.

22. Do you have a love-hate relationship with the treadmill? 

Or just love or just hate? Hmmm...

23. All smiles.

24. for real though.

25. it's okay!

26. And yes, I'm going to eat it all. 

In one sitting.

27. Where did you come from? Where did you go?

28. It will be a breeze.

Because we can't just stop there...

29. Perhaps all runners have split personalities...

30. At some point or another, this has been you.

And you therefore probably need some Body Glide

31. We're never really serious when it comes to running. 

If you are buying energy gels then yes, things are getting quite serious. 

If you haven't tried energy gels before then be sure to check out the best ones for marathoners right here and get serious about this. 😊


HOpe that brought a smile to your face! 

here are your thoughts when running a marathon:

I have to share this post I came across:  26 Thoughts you have during a marathon

It's just so spot on and had me laughing as it hit the nail on the head at each and every mile! 

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