20 Weeks to Your FIRST Marathon!

This is what you have been asking for! A 20 Week Marathon Training Schedule! This entire self-guided training package is entirely geared for those who want to run their very FIRST marathon! 

As a first time marathon runner, you want to be sure to get your goals and mindset in the right order! We have an awesome training plan for first time marathon runners but we also include a 20 Week Mental Training Prep Guide because there is no way you can run a marathon without becoming mentally strong! 

This is not merely an eBook but is a training guide that includes a training plan, checklists, prompts, motivational strategies, space to record, and even acts as your log book/journal for your first marathon!

Here's what this 20 Week Marathon Training Schedule Package includes:

(This is it. Your one stop shop, only marathon training guide you will need!)

  • A (first ever) 20 week marathon training plan (+ a prep week plan)!
  • Goals Assessment + Body Assessment + worksheets
  • Your Warm Up + Cool Down Prescriptions
  • Weekly Mental Training Prompts (the marathon is 80% in the head so we need to train ourselves to be mentally strong during the marathon!)
  • Cross Training Prescription + Goals
  • A Mini Marathon Nutrition Guide
  • Your Pre-Marathon Week Strategy all laid out including nutrition! (That last week is crucial!)
  • A Recovery Action Guide
  • Journal/Log space with prompts because it's your first marathon and you should document it!
  • ...and it’s pdf fillable or is great when used printed off in a binder or bound!

>>>Get your 20 Weeks to Your First Marathon eBook Training Package for $20

If you want to run your FIRST marathon then this training guide was made for you! 

It contains everything that I wish I had when I ran my first marathon all in one coherent spot!

 I KNOW this training that I am providing WORKS because I’ve trained countless runners to finish their first marathons while staying strong, motivated, happy and excited to run another one! *gasp YES!  

Let's not waste any more time! It only takes making that commitment and this is the first step!

>>>Get your 20 Weeks to Your First Marathon eBook Training Package for $20