Interested in the Eat Like a Runner Nutrition Course? Ask yourself these questions:

Are you confused by all the current diet trends    and advice?

Are you in training for a half marathon or marathon?

Do you want to give your body exactly what it needs in order to be successful at long distance running?

Are you worried that by consuming a high carbohydrate diet as a runner you will put on weight?

Do you want to feel great and eat like a runner should eat?

If you nodded yes to any of these, then yep Eat Like a Runner Nutrition Course is for you!


These are the 5 main questions we will answer in the Train Faster + Smarter Pace Kit:

What is your fitness level/Vo2max?

What is your maximum sustainable running speed?

What is a realistic goal pace for you to run at your current fitness level?

What is a realistic goal time you should set to finish the race?

How can you implement this information into your training plan with the 4 types of training workouts and what your EXACT pace needs to be for each training run?

+ Extra goodies like 7 Training Calculators & a Training Workbook!

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If you've been thinking about training for a half marathon but do not have a lot of time to commit to a rigid or long training schedule or you are a race junkie who likes to run back to back half marathons then this engaging training plan is for you!

The 6 Week Half Marathon Challenge is a Training Plan that is designed to be a step by step, motivating guide to get you to that finish line in just 6 weeks!

You will receive great training tools & techniques each week to help keep you on track and hold you accountable to your goals! 

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In this 41-page guide + 10 calculators, 8 Step Kit you will find:

  1. Your fitness level 
  2. Your maximum sustainable running pace 
  3. Healthy, realistic goal race paces 
  4. How much fuel YOU will need at your goal race pace. 
  5. How many carbs and fats YOU are burning in the race.
  6. Your carbohydrate storage capacity 
  7. At what mile YOU will "hit the wall" during the marathon.
  8. Develop your personal race refuel plan to absolutely avoid hitting the wall.


+ receive other exclusive content, training tools, & updates 2x a month!
  • develop your "Why", your mission, vision, and goals
  • develop your own personal mantra
  • practice how to turn any doubts into positive statements
  • reflect on race conditions in order to reduce stress
  • how to make a long distance race such as the marathon more mangeable
  • how to tap into past feelings of success
  • strategize how you will handle pain
  • how to use modeling effectively
  • AND more!

The marathon is 20% physical and 80% mental. How you THINK is how your FEEL is how you DO so do yourself a favor and get this FREE workbook by popping in your email below!