Click here to see everything that is included in this ultimate running for weight loss challenge! 

You will be receiving in this Challenge:

  • a Weight Loss Running Guide
  • Nutrition Packet that will help you eat healthy and eat only what you need to
  • Exercise Packet that will contain 3 training plans to choose from: a running plan, walking plan, and run/walk plan. 
  • Weekly emails that will contain a menu plan for the week, a new strength training program + support to keep you motivated and on track with your goals!


Learn what you need to be eating to be a successful, energized runner. 

Some of what you will learn:

  • what you burn when you run
  • what intensity level you burn more carbs than fats
  • How many calories and grams of macronutrients YOU need daily to support your running
  • How to plan a runner's menu
  • How to hydrate effectively
  • How to choose the right energy drink
  • A guide on eating & drinking before, during, & after running
  • A  space to menu plan
  • A printable shopping list 


+ receive other exclusive content, training tools, & updates 2x a month!
  • develop your "Why", your mission, vision, and goals
  • develop your own personal mantra
  • practice how to turn any doubts into positive statements
  • reflect on race conditions in order to reduce stress
  • how to make a long distance race such as the marathon more mangeable
  • how to tap into past feelings of success
  • strategize how you will handle pain
  • how to use modeling effectively
  • AND more!

The marathon is 20% physical and 80% mental. How you THINK is how your FEEL is how you DO so do yourself a favor and get this FREE workbook by popping in your email below!