Avoid the Wall - a Personalized Kit for Marathoners


This first of it's kind kit will teach you how you can avoid hitting the dreaded marathon "Wall". It is a guide that will take you through 8 steps to help you develop your strategy to keep you on your target race pace, not run out of fuel, and not hit the wall. 

Every year, 40% of all marathoners who start a marathon race will experience some level of glycogen depletion, a.k.a. “hitting the wall”. Out of that 40%, two-fifths will be forced to drop out of the marathon all together. All that hard training over the course of days, weeks, and months, are flushed away in a matter of hours. If we did put in the appropriate training, the biggest factor to blame is our nutrition. If we have properly trained, it comes down to the question of, "Are you giving your body enough fuel to power your marathon at the pace that you want to run?”

It's hard to know if you are giving your body enough fuel if you are following generalized nutrition guidelines. You need something more personalized, a plan for YOUR body, and YOUR needs, for YOU to follow. And this is exactly what this kit will do for you.

 This 8 Step Plan is comprised of:

  1.  Finding your fitness level through a VO2 test in order to determine your energy needs throughout the race and to help you choose a goal pace for your fitness.
  2. Finding your maximum sustainable running pace is for your fitness level. 
  3. Helping you to choose a healthy, realistic goal race pace 
  4. Determining how much fuel YOU will need at your goal race pace. Ultimately, you will crush those time goals.
  5. Find out how many carbs and fats you are burning throughout the race.
  6. Your glycogen (carbohydrate) storage capacity on a typical day and when fully carbo-loaded.
  7. When you will exhaust your glycogen stores (whether you have carbo-loaded or have not carbo-loaded) and therefore, at what mile you will "hit the wall" during the marathon.
  8. Develop your personal race refuel plan to absolutely avoid hitting the wall.

Here's what one of the Steps look like: Information, directions on what calculator will tell you your personal information, and a space to record

Look at one of the calculators you will have access to:

So are you ready to play it smart and run a successful and informed marathon?