Best Running Shoes Reviews 

As a runner we are constantly searching for the best running shoes. Having the perfect pair can make all the difference between a good run and a bad run, sticking it out or quitting early, giving it your all or not giving enough.

It is so easy to become overwhelmed when shoe shopping. What is a minimalist shoe? What kind of arch support do I need? Should I try that new shmancy running shoe that I have been seeing everywhere ? How about those toe shoes?

What is a runner to do?

In a situation like this we turn to others who have experience. 

Therefore, let's pull together and help each other figure out what the best shoes for a runner are out there.

Pay it forward and tell us about your awesome running shoe...or your not so awesome one. 

Have A Great Shoe (or not so great one)?

Do you have a great pair of running shoes (or not so great pair)? Share it! We learn the best from other runners!

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