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Marathon Team Husband & Wife, Issue #001 -- teaser here
February 03, 2013
Dear Runner~

Drum roll, please. Nice and loud! I am so excited to share something that has brought my spring marathon training to a whole new level.

I have convinced my husband to run a marathon with me. I am going to say it again only because it still hasn't completely hit home with me. My husband is going to train and run a marathon with me!

Yippppeee!!! This is a journey that I have only dreamed of taking with him but now he is willing to make it a reality.

But on the other hand, what have I gotten myself into! Training for a marathon is stressful and I can be hard to live with at some points in my training. How in the world am I going to be able to handle being in marathon training AND having my husband being in marathon training at the same time!

I suppose I owe you the explanation as to the why and how I could convince my husband, a non-runner, to run 26.2 miles with me. Well last New Years, I gave him a little notebook which was leather bound and had the word "Opportunities" engraved on it. I told him that I wanted to write a bucket list of all the things we wanted to do/accomplish in our lifetime together.

I couldn't help it. I had to write, "Run a Marathon together."

Being young and able-bodied (something that none of us should take for granted) we decided that now was the time to fulfill this point on our list.

So here we are. Training started on January 7th which gave us a week to recuperate from the Holidays and psych ourselves up for the long haul ahead. We are scheduling the marathon to be in mid-April.

Already we are counting down, not in time but in miles, long runs. Last week we ran our long run of 15 miles. This weekend our long run is going to be 17 miles.

So now the question that is always on my mind, whether it should be there or not, "Can we do this? Can we achieve this together?"

One step at a time. That is what it is going to take. As with any training plan, looking at the big picture can be exhausting, even seemingly impossible. That is why we have decided to just take it day by day, mile by mile.

Thank you for supporting our dreams just by reading this. As a subscriber to my e-zine I am inviting you, dear reader, to follow our "Triumphs and Trials - Team Husband & Wife". For all you how dream of running a marathon, are training for a marathon or a marathon veteran this is for you as you will get the viewpoints from my husband, a marathon newbie, and myself, a 5 timer.

I will be posting every week about our training and our long runs, how we are coping, our successes and failures, good times and bad times, before and after pics and what it's like to train for a marathon with your spouse!

Since we are on week 5 of training I will be sending you the posts from the first 4 weeks so that you can catch up.

Happy Running to you! I am off to drag my husband on another 4 mile run. He thought he was a perfectly normal, sane man until now.

Love, Molly

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