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Recovery Tips: 5 easy and lovable tips
October 24, 2014

Recovery Tips: Tips to speed recovery after a race or long run

Fall is a time for runners and races and marathon places. Ok, that might be a little cheesy but something more serious is dealing with recovery from all of the marathons and long run training sessions that come with this time of year.

So here are 5 tips to speed up the recovery process:

1. Wear compression socks for 48 hours after the race or long run. The National Strength and conditioning Association says, "The wearing of below knee compression socks for 48 hours after marathon running has been shown to improve functional recovery as measured by a graduated treadmill test to exhaustion 2 weeks following the event." How easy is it to slip on a pair of compression socks and let them work their magic?

2. Walk up hills backwards. In the days following a race or long run your body might feel stiff (especially after a marathon). Although moving is encouraged to help the healing process you don't want to do too much. Walking up a hill might prove to be uncomfortable or even slightly painful. Take the hill easy and walk up backwards which will make it easier on your legs and let those powerful back-of-the-leg muscles do all the work.

3. Drink chocolate milk. Chocolate milk has been proven to be an effective carbohydrate-electrolyte replenishing drink. A lot of the races offer chocolate milk at the finish line. Make sure to grab one. Stock up on a jug of this deliciousness if you have a long run planned soon. Besides who doesn't love chocolate milk?

4. Go on a walk. Go on a light bike ride. Just keep moving. This will help your body to work through all of the tightness, damaged tissue, sore muscles and keep you limber while warding of soreness. If you sit around after an endurance run you are letting your muscles freeze and are making your recovery process slower and harder.

5. Eat protein within 30 minutes of your race or long run. Your body is very receptive to protein and the recovery benefits that protein offers to your muscles within the first 30 minutes of exercise. Maximize this time by eating something high in protein such as….chocolate milk! :) Refer to this

highly amusing video.

See this article for more tips on how to combat muscle soreness and DOMS.

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And Now for a Running Joke...

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