The Runner's Pace Kit


If you want to have PERSONALIZED answers to these questions: 

  1. What is your fitness level/Vo2max?
  2. What is your maximum sustainable running speed?
  3. What is a realistic goal pace for you to run at your current fitness level?
  4. What is a realistic goal time you should set to finish the race?
  5. How can you implement this information into your training plan with the 4 types of training workouts and what your EXACT pace needs to be for each training run?

This is more than your average training guide. The fitness test, interactive calculators and, and training information will help you train and run at paces that are at your fitness level. That means less risk of injury, more chance of success, and a runner who knows what and how to plan for realistic and achievable goals. Complete this kit at the beginning or the middle (after you have established a base and are heading into your speed training segment) of your half marathon or full marathon training program for maximum effect. 

Includes:  a 22-page training guide and 5 calculators that will personalize your training.