The Simplified Marathon Nutrition Guide 


Learn what YOU need to be eating to be a successful, energized runner. 

Some of what you will learn:

  • what you burn when you run
  • what intensity level you burn more carbs than fats
  • How many calories and grams of macronutrients YOU need daily to support your running
  • How to plan a runner's menu
  • How to hydrate effectively
  • How to choose the right energy drink
  • A guide on eating & drinking before, during, & after running
  • A  space to menu plan
  • A printable shopping list 

Eating to run a successful marathon is something that can be confusing and can make or break your training. Here is every thing you need to know about eating like a marathoner + this kit will calculate exactly what your personal nutritional needs are for the marathon! Give your body the fuel that it needs and you will be able to reach your goals. #simple

Includes: 34-page guide + calculators